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Get the most bang for your buck with our outstanding hosting packages!

We've come up with three packages that are designed specifically to fit the needs of small to mid-sized companies that are looking to establish a productive Internet presence. If you have any questions about our web hosting services, email us.

CREATIVETIMES: the provider of high quality Unix and Win2K/NT hosting services you'll ever need. Whether you're just getting started or have a large scale web presence, CreativeTimes offers a suite of hosting plans to meet your needs. And if you need something a little specialized, we'll be happy to customize a plan that fits you like a glove. Plus, CreativeTimes offers a full refund within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied, so you have nothing to lose!

Shared Hosting Plans (more)
From the very basic to very complex, CreativeTimes offers a wide array of Unix and Win2K/NT hosting plans to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Starting at only $16 per month, with free domain name registration, our plans offer many amenities that have traditionally been available only to those paying much more. Providing the best in connectivity, you can trust CreativeTimes with your "online assets."

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting (more)
For added security, flexibility and peace of mind for your web business, select one of our Dedicated Server Solutions. Every dedicated server comes with managed services at no additional cost! We monitor your server, notify you if it goes offline and reboot it for free. Monthly security audits are performed to ensure your server has the latest patches and operating system upgrades.
Panamint's managed dedicated servers are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Dedicated servers can be a web server, used as part of an e-business solution or form the backbone of a corporate Intranet. Dedicated servers can facilitate resellers becoming a virtual web host, a live-streaming broadcast machine or anything else that requires great reliability, speed and top level security. Give us a call today to see how we can configure a dedicated server that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations!

Domain Registration
In need of additional domains to complement your existing ones? Just starting out and need to see if the name you want is available? Check out our Look-Up utility to research available names, and then register it with us for only $30 per year, or sign up for one of our hosting plans and get your domain name registered free!

Shopping Cart (more)
A shopping cart is only as good as it is functional. Pana-Cart© offers an incredible array of tools allowing you complete control and customization to give it the look and feel of truly being part of your site. We've tested and used many carts and believe this one to be the best.

Site Promotions (more)
Ever wondered how organizations get their site to show up on search engines? Better yet, how do they get theirs ranked higher than others? Sign up for one of our site promotion plans and we'll help you get your site noticed or if you're already in the search engines, allow us to improve your ranking.

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* If you need domain registration, we'll do the leg work for free, but we will bill you $70 for the first two years, $35 per year thereafter.
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Plans for beginners to big business
From only $16/mo

DOMAIN REGISTRATION Domain names registered for only $13/yr.
Free if you sign up for one of our hosting plans

Our Pana-Cart© ebusiness solution starts at only $25/mo.
Easy to set up and administer.

From the basic one-time to monthly submissions, our promotions can help your business get noticed on the web.